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Step into the realm of captivating Professional Headshot.

Dedicated Expert team, equipped with cutting edge photo studio and enriched with professional resources, all in for creating you a headshot that deeply shows:





In the digital landscape, your Headshot serves as your professional signature, making a mark on your online presence. Let us be your partners in elevation, as we collaborate to craft Professional Headshots that resonate, connect, and inspire you.

For all our headshots sessions we guarantee quality professional images and provide 4 different background options to completely show your best look. That’s why we call it 4 PACK.


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professional headshots near me
professional headshot example

For all your needs,


Make it count. We are experts at capturing headshots that portray you as youthful, professional, approachable, and radiating with confidence and knowledge. Let us help you seamlessly connect with your ideal clientele, whether it be:

Linkedin Headshots, 

Corporate Headshots, 

Actor’s Headshots, 

Realtors Headshots, 

Business Headshots, 

Lawyer’s Headshots, 

Model Headshots and 

Studio Headshots, 

We are here to help and for the task!

Think you're camera-shy? Let's turn that around!

Experience a headshot session tailored for those who typically shy away from the lens. We're here to make you comfortable, confident, and captivated by your own image.

From LinkedIn profiles to top executives, actors to realtors, and lawyers to models, we excel in capturing the perfect headshot. No matter your profession, trust us to highlight your essence with unmatched precision and style.

We’re top-notch headshot photographers, known for capturing your best look. With us, you’ll get the perfect headshot. 📸🔥

Linkedin Headshots, Corporate Headshots, Actor’s Headshots, Realtors Headshots, Business Headshots, Lawyer’s Headshots, Model Headshots and Studio headshots




Booking And Headshot Consultation

  • Schedule a brief consultation with me. During this chat, we’ll discuss your professional needs, desired aesthetic, and any specific requests.
  • Based on your insights, we’ll suggest suitable backgrounds, attire, and styling tips to ensure your headshot aligns perfectly with your brand.


Your PHOTO Shoot and Viewing Experience

  • Arrive relaxed, and let us handle the magic. Our professional setup ensures optimal lighting and angles.
  • With our guidance, we’ll capture a variety of shots. This way, you have a selection to choose from, ensuring your final choice feels authentically you.


Headshots Selection & delivery

  • Enjoy viewing the Photos on 85 inch 8k TV for funny viewing experience that feels like being in a CINEMA whilst choose your preferred shots.
  • We are expert in retouching, we will fine-tune them for perfection. We’ll help you look professional and neat!
  • Once polished, we’ll deliver your high-resolution headshots digitally in just 24 hrs (Business hrs), ready for use on all platforms.




Our sessions are more than just clicks of a camera; they are engaging, relaxed, and, most importantly, fun. As seasoned professionals headshot photographers, we specialize in transforming even the most camera-shy individuals into confident subjects. We’re here not just to take your picture but to bring out the best version of you.

It’s not just our job; it’s our passion to make you feel at ease, ensuring every shot resonates with authenticity. Don’t let the apprehension of being photographed hold you back. Elevate your online presence with a headshot that leaves an unforgettable first impression.

Linkedin Headshots, Corporate Headshots, Actor’s Headshots, Realtors Headshots, Business Headshots, Lawyer’s Headshots, Model Headshots and studio headshots 


Unlock Success with a Premier Headshot Investment

Transparent Pricing, Tailored to Excellence: We prioritize clarity and honesty in our pricing – no hidden charges, just straightforward rates.

Explore our Headshots Example Gallery for diverse and inspiring portraits, showcasing our commitment to capturing every profession at its best:. Head to the Headshots Example Gallery to see more of the headshots for inspiration.

Linkedin Headshots, Corporate Headshots, Actor’s Headshots, Realtors Headshots, Business Headshots, Lawyer’s Headshots, Model Headshots and Studio headshots 

Professional Headshot on white background for a woman

Get the Professional headshot with A background color that goes well with your industry.


$ 129 Per 1 hr Session*
  • Achieve a polished, professional look in mere moments.
  • Translate your unique vision into a tangible, impactful Headshots.
  • Flexibility of studio ambiance or natural outdoor settings.
  • Enjoy an expansive gallery, ensuring the perfect headshot choice for you.
  • *The Session Charge only includes the studio experience. Digital files are charged $59 file.
    Good for Linkedin Headshots, Corporate Headshots, Actor's Headshots, Realtors Headshots, Business Headshots, Lawyer's Headshots, Model Headshots and studio headshots
professional headshots near me

Have it relaxed and friendly by having a natural or brick for professional headshot background.


$ 229 Per 1 hr Session*
  • Achieve a polished, professional look in mere moments.
  • Translate your unique vision into a tangible, impactful Headshots.
  • Experience the convenience of personalized locations, even right at your office.
  • Enjoy an expansive gallery, ensuring the perfect headshot choice for you.
  • *The Session Charge is only for one location experience within 20 miles radius from the studio. Digital files are charged $59 per file. Good for Linkedin Headshots, Corporate Headshots, Actor's Headshots, Realtors Headshots, Business Headshots, Lawyer's Headshots, Model Headshots and studio headshots

Client Success Stories

“When Searching ‘Professional Headshots Near Me’, See Why Our Clients Choose Us: Discover Their Stories Below!”

Medical Residency headshots near me

Professional HeADSHOTS Photographer // owner

Christine Demura 

Every Headshot Tells a Unique Story

The essence of an impactful headshot is rooted in genuine connection. Our rapport with clients is paramount, as it sets the tone for the authenticity we capture. By truly understanding and connecting with each individual, we illuminate their unique personality, ensuring their headshot is a genuine reflection of them.

I believe, every individual radiates uniqueness and beauty. The true artistry lies in the photographer’s dedication to unveil and amplify your innate photogenic essence.. It’s about the photographer’s dedication to capturing the very best of the individual.

And yes, attire matters! But fret not – I offer comprehensive guidance on dressing to impress, ensuring your headshot speaks volumes about your professionalism. From attire recommendations to choosing the perfect backdrop and even sharing previous headshot examples, I’m here every step of the way.

Having collaborated with diverse clientele, from established corporations to budding entrepreneurs, I’m equipped to help both individual professionals and larger teams shine brightly in their respective domains: LinkedIn, Corporate, Actors, Realtors, Business Professionals, Lawyers, Models, and more.

While I may not always appear in your initial ‘professional headshots near me’ search, know this: I’m committed to reaching you. Serving the entire Massachusetts area, I’m always up for capturing you in the best locales, be it a professional setting or a scenic Boston backdrop for those who prefer outdoor headshots.

Your story, your vision, captured perfectly. Let’s embark on this journey together.”


Your Trusted Choice on the search 'Headshot Photographer Near Me' – Delivering Unmatched Quality with a Confidence Guarantee.

We know you want to do your best, let us help you create success through remarkable headshot. 

our aspirations deserve to be complemented by a headshot that speaks volumes of your professionalism and dedication. With our expertise, we’re committed to ensuring you project the best version of yourself.

Our confidence in our work is unwavering, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should our headshots not meet your expectations, rest assured, your investment will be returned, no questions asked.

Still contemplating? Explore our meticulously curated  Headshots Gallery  to witness the excellence we deliver.

100% Guarantee satisfaction
excel pro headshots

Exemplifying Headshot Excellence:

Peruse through our diverse gallery of professional headshots examples to envision the potential and caliber we bring to every capture. When searching for a ‘photographer near me’, ensure their portfolio boasts a wide array of background options to truly tailor the experience to your needs and aspirations.



Elevate your online presence with a headshot that captivates and leaves a lasting first impression. 


$49.99 per session

Distinguish yourself from the crowd with this limited-time offer. 

When searching for ‘photographer near me’, know that we are the singular professional headshot photographers extending this exclusive summer special.

Outdoor Headshots
"Ensure Your Headshot Truly Represents You – Even When You're Not Physically Present. Don't let an outdated or mismatched image hinder your online impact!"


Your Headshot Session is meticulously planned to span approximately 30 minutes, allowing us to capture the best of you. Midway, we’ll take a brief interlude for cloth changing break. Post-session, we dedicate another 30 minutes for a viewing experience, ensuring you’re fully satisfied with the captured moments. We can enjoy a coffee.  The viewing session can be up to another 30 mins.

When it comes to selecting the perfect attire for your professional headshot, we tailor our advice to your unique needs. During our phone consultation, we’ll dive into discussions about your career sector, personal style, and favored colors that truly resonate with your personality. Plus, to further assist you in making the ideal choice, we’ll share a detailed email guide and workbook designed to streamline your decision-making process. Our goal? To ensure your headshot genuinely reflects the best version of you.

Rest assured, we prioritize delivering quality promptly. Typically, standard retouched digital files are readied for you in just 24 business hours. For advanced retouching, kindly allow up to 5 business days to ensure meticulous attention to detail and perfection.

While we don’t offer direct makeup services, we do provide comprehensive guidelines to ensure you look your best. For makeup tailored to professional headshots, we suggest partnering with a makeup artist you’re already familiar with. Their understanding of your preferences can be more beneficial than experimenting with someone new just for the shoot.

Even if you don’t use make up artist we provide guidelines that will help in getting best headshots.

While we don’t offer in-house hair styling, we equip you with comprehensive hair preparation guidelines to ensure your look is camera-ready. For optimal results, we suggest scheduling your session soon after a professional hair appointment.

At your dedicated viewing session, we’ll proudly present all the captures from our time together. This is your moment to handpick the images that resonate most with you, aligning with both your aspirations and budget. While every photo has its charm, we often find our clients gravitating towards at least two standout images – what we affectionately term as MVPs: Most Valuable Photos. These are the shots that truly encapsulate your essence 

It’s quality over quantity that truly makes a difference in how you present yourself. While the allure of having an entire gallery can be tempting, it’s essential to focus on those defining shots that truly encapsulate your essence and make a profound impact.

For a tailored selection, you have the flexibility to purchase additional images. While the starting price for each supplementary image is $59.99, we offer a tiered pricing system — the more you choose, the greater the value you receive per image. Detailed pricing will be provided during your studio visit, ensuring transparency and choice at every step.

When seeking unparalleled quality in ‘professional headshots near me’, Excel Pro Headshots should top your search results in key locations: Newton MA, Wellesley MA, Needham MA, Cambridge, Boston MA, and Weston, MA, Framingham, MA. We’re not just in your vicinity; we’re at the pinnacle of headshot excellence throughout Massachusetts

The headshot session itself is priced at $129. Each meticulously crafted headshot is available for purchase at $59, with progressive discounts offered for multiple selections. On average, clients invest around $250-$350, a testament to the value and precision we provide. For a glimpse of our unparalleled work, please head to the Gallery to see Stellar Headshot Examples.

With regards to professional headshot background, Grey, White, black are the most popular for studio headshots but we have a lot of other options background, if fact your background can be any color. For outdoor it comes done to what you need in you background but remember make it simple and not busy.

For professional headshot examples head to our Headshot Galleries we have headshots by background categories.

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LinkedIn Headshots, Corporate Headshots, Actor’s Headshots, Realtors Headshots, Business Headshots, Lawyer’s Headshots, Model Headshots and Studio headshots 


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